What You Should Do Before Accepting An Insurance Settlement Offer

If you have recently been involved in a car accident, the insurance company might have made a settlement offer to you. You could be tempted to go ahead and sign the paperwork so that the check will be released, but there are a few things that you will want to do first. These are some of the first steps that you should take before accepting an insurance settlement offer: 1. See Your Doctor Read More 

Why A Disability Claim Could Be Denied

Most people plan on working a full-time schedule up until they plan on retiring.  Unfortunately, an unforeseen event can disrupt those plans for the worse. If you are suffering from an injury or medical condition that does not allow you to work, you can actually receive disability benefits that will get your life back on track.   You may be worried about your claim being denied, which will make you hesitant to even apply for disability benefits. Read More 

Three Things That Trip Up Breathalyzers And Blood Work: How Your DUI Lawyer Can Help

If you have recently been pulled over by the police and arrested for a DUI, but you know you were not "under the influence," you need a DUI lawyer. He or she will tell you that there are certain things which can trip up a breathalyzer scan and/or bloodwork. The following are just three examples of some things that can cause you problems with the law when you did not intend to get into trouble. Read More 

Terms Of The Divorce Not Working Out Anymore? 3 Reasons You Should Ask For Custody Modifications

When you and your spouse filed for divorce, the custody arrangements were working perfectly. However, over the years, conditions have changed. As a result, the custody arrangements are no longer working the way that they should. Your custody arrangements may be court-ordered, but that doesn't mean they can't be changed. It's not uncommon for people to go back to court to have their custody arrangements modified. If your current arrangements are no longer working, it's time to talk to an attorney about having the orders modified. Read More 

As If It Never Even Happened: What To Know About Annulments

Most of the time, couples carefully consider the decision to marry; they take some time to think things through. If you, however, have recently married and now find that you have made a terrible mistake, you may be considering the possibility of having an annulment instead of a divorce. It should be cheaper and quicker, right? Before you take another step, read on to learn more about annulments and what it could mean for you. Read More